Second Announcement - 11th Users Meeting of SESAME

11th Users Meeting of SESAME (20-22 November, 2013)

Days Inn Hotel, Amman-Jordan

Second Announcement


The 11th SESAME Users' Meeting will be held in Amman, Jordan and will cover various disciplines of applied synchrotron radiation research interests of the SESAME users' community. The meeting will bring together scientists from the region and world experts in the various fields of synchrotron applications, and will provide a platform for information exchange and discussions of ongoing collaborative efforts within the community. The meeting will also offer the opportunity to develop new collaborative research projects.

1. Scientific Program:

The scientific program is available on this link.

2. Venue and Accommodation:

Days Inn Hotel Suites Amman

Al Rabyeh, OmarBin Abdulaziz St

Amman, 11195 JO

Phone: +962-6551-9011

Fax: +962-6551-7077


The website gives full information on the hotel.

3. Hotel Prices:

Given below are the prices that we have been offered by the hotel. Drinks are not included in these prices and will have to be paid for by the participants.

1. Double Room: Bed and breakfast: 65.000JD per night for 2 persons.
2. Single Room: Bed and breakfast: 55.000 JD per night.

Hotel prices have been negotiated in JOD (Jordan dinars); however, bills may be paid in US dollars or Jordanian dinars. Participants who are not covered by SESAME are to settle their bill at the registration desk when checking out.

4. Meeting room:

The meeting rooms are on the premises of the hotel. There will be signs to lead you to the meeting rooms.

5. Flying into Jordan:

The closest airport to the hotel is Queen Alia International airport on the outskirts of Amman. Participants are informed that there is no airport tax to be paid in Jordan.

6. Transportation from/to the airport:

Participants can use a taxi to go to/from between the airport and the hotel. The airport taxi (Beige color and marked "Airport Taxi") is available 24/7 at the terminal door. The cost of one direction trip to /from between the Airport and the Days Inn hotel is about 20 JD (almost 30 USD). The taxi can accommodate up to three persons if their luggage are not huge.

Participants can also use the airport shuttle which runs every hour from the airport to the 7th Circle (cost is 3 JD / journey). From 7th Circle they can take a city Taxi (Yellow Color) to the Days Inn hotel. This Taxi will cost about 3 JD.

7. Weather

In November, the average maximum temperature in Amman is 19°C and the average minimum temperature is 10°C. You are reminded to bring warm clothing.

8. Banking facilities:

There are currency exchange offices in the vicinity of the hotel, at the hotel and at the airport. However in this case, as always happens at hotels and the airports, the exchange rate will be less favorable than that at a currency exchange office.

9. Rate of exchange

The rate of exchange between the US$ and JD is fixed at 1 US$ = 0.708 JD. The rate of exchange of other currencies fluctuates and is based on the currencies' rate of exchange with the US dollar.

10. Visas

For passport holders of a number of countries, it is possible to obtain a visa on arrival at Queen Alia international airport. However, they should be warned that only Jordanian dinars are accepted when paying for the visa.

The cost of a visa is approximately JD 20.00. They should therefore purchase Jordanian dinars at one of the banks at the airport before queuing for passport control. Participants are advised to contact their nearest Jordanian Consulate in order to check whether the passport they hold allows them to obtain a visa on arrival in Jordan.

11. Contact information:

All correspondence through emails should be addressed to Dr. Messaoud Harfouche (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or to Dr. Ibraheem Yousef (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

12. Scientific Program Committee:

a. Hafeez Hoorani, SESAME, Jordan.
b. Messaoud Harfouche, SESAME, Jordan.
c. Ibraheem Yousef, SESAME, Jordan.
d. Abdul-Halim Wriekat, JAEC, Jordan.
e. Khalifeh Abusaleem, University of Jordan, Jordan.

13. Local Organizing Committee:

a. Yasser Khalil, SESAME, Jordan.
b. Sonia Al-Faques, SESAME, Jordan.
c. Salman Matalgah, SESAME, Jordan.
d. Mostafa Al-Zoubi, SESAME, Jordan.
e. Al-Layth Al-Drabee, JAEC, Jordan.
f. Osama Taqatqa, JAEC, Jordan.

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