2014: SESAME's 800 MeV Booster Synchrotron is in Operation

© 2014 SESAME: SESAME’s Booster

On 3 September 2014, the SESAME team succeeded in accelerating the electrons in the booster synchrotron to their final energy of 800 MeV making it the then most powerful high-energy accelerator in the Middle East.

The booster is the second machine in the SESAME acceleration chain. Particle acceleration at SESAME starts with the microtron that produces electrons and accelerates them to 20 MeV. These electrons are then transferred to the booster where they are accelerated from their initial energy of 20 MeV to 800 MeV. From the Booster, electrons are passed through a transfer line to the storage ring that on each fill keeps an electron beam of 400 mA at 2.5 GeV circulating for hours. Bending magnets on the storage ring force the electrons to change trajectory as they circulate, causing them to emit synchrotron light.